Protective Coating

With more than 25 years of experience and over 8.000.000 square meters of surface treated onshore, offshore and during voyages, we consider ourselves experts on surface treatment and maintenance programs. 

With our highly skilled techniques and detailed plans, we can tailor-make a surface treatment program for any ship or rig. By using TECO, you can reduce cost and slow down corrosion. We deliver high quality services according to ISO 9001:2015 standards. 

A correct coating program is crucial for ship and rig maintenance. By combining our surface treatment program with our highly skilled staff, we can guarantee a perfect result.

Surface treatment is necessary to secure the life extension of any vessel. With regular inspections, TECO can always identify areas which require maintenance. Using our full coating program, we can give our clients clear advantages in project planning, control and costs. 

TECO will provide equipment and personnel according to maintenance workload and customers' priorites and requirements. 

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Please reach out to us if you have any questions regarding surface treatment or inquires.

Service Areas

We provide our clients with different service areas, such as:

 - Surface preparation and                                         application including scaffolding.

 - Cargo / Fuel Tank Cleaning

 - Helideck Surface Refurbishment compliance     to CAP 437 Standards.

 - Exhaust stack cleaning

 - Inspections, NDT & Consultancy

Rope Access is included in the services where it will benefit the client with both cost and time.

TECO performs these services on any tank types, superstructures, main decks and helidecks for offshore oil and gas.

Methodology of Surface Preparation

TECO delivers different methods of surface preparation, such as:

 - Ultrahigh-Pressure Water Jetting - Up to 2500bar.

 - High-Pressure Water Jetting - Up to 800bar.

 - High-Pressure Water Blasting (Slurry)

 - Dry & Wet Abrasive Blasting

 - Vacuum Blasting

 - Power Tooling

By having the expertise from various operations world wide, TECO uses the most effective and best suited methods to remove old paint and particles.

Based on regular inspections, we will prioritise areas to be maintained and TECO will create relevant job packages to comply with our clients decisions. 

Our technicians are trained and qualified in their work field, while being multi-skilled to ensure that one team will be able to de-muck, clean, erect scaffolding, use rope access, hydro-blast and spray-paint. Our teams can also assist regular ships' and rigs' crew with provision handling, engine room cleaning and other jobs which can be agreed on upon request. 

- Quality Without Compromise
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