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Service Areas

Retrofit Installations

We recognize that installing environmental friendly technology is of outmost importance to ensure compliance with current and future regulations. This is why we specialised in installing Scrubber systems, AWP systems, Fuel Saving systems and BWTS, as well as more traditional equipment.

With the new IMO regulations introduced to the maritime industry in 2020, TECO secured a position in the industry to be at the forefront of building a more sustainable and greener future. 

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Cruise Interior Installations

TECO Solutions is conducting entire projects with fabrication, installation and modification to the hotel side of the world's cruise ships.

TECO Solutions has spent the last decade building extensive experience and expertise on maritime installations, with a special focus on green technology. As we now move ahead and target the Hotel Side of the cruise industry, we are looking forward to utilize the experience we have from other installation projects, and to offer our customers an even more complete range of services.

Surface Treatment

With more than 25 years of experience and over 8.000.000 square meters of surface treated onshore, offshore and during voyage, we consider ourselves experts on surface treatment and maintenance programs. TECO Solutions has experience executing surface treatment on everything from ballast water tanks to helidecks.

With our highly skilled techniques and detailed plans, we can tailor-make a surface treatment program for any ship or rig. By using TECO Solutions, you can reduce cost and slow down corrosion. 

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Ship Repair

In the recent years we have gained extended experience doing repair work on scrubber systems, where we have been involved in everything from re-conditioning and re-installing GRE piping to mechanical work and welding of scrubber towers.

TECO Solutions is taking on tasks related to repairs and upgrades of steel construction and piping in general as well as more specialized tasks such as upgrades and repair of fuel lines, tank tops and ballast water treatment systems.

ISO Certified Company

TECO Solutions has high standards for quality control, health and safety. Having ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certifications we can proudly say that we live up to the industry standards and expectations.

With our ISO 14001 certification we are making sure that we are reducing our environmental footprint and that we continuously aim to improve our processes and reduce our impact in line with the global sustainability targets.

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