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Ship and Rig Repair

TECO Solutions has years of experience doing ship and rig repairs both while the vessel is in operation and at repair yards.

We are taking on steelwork, as well as mechanical work and GRE repair.

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TECO Solutions Experience

In the recent years we have gained extended experience doing repair work on scrubber systems, where we have been involved in everything from re-conditioning and re-installing GRE piping to mechanical work and welding of scrubber towers.

TECO is taking on tasks related to repairs and upgrades of steel constructions and piping in general as well as more specialized tasks as upgrades and repairs of fuel lines and ballast water systems.

ISO Certified Company

TECO Solutions has high standards for quality control, health and safety. Having ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certifications we can proudly say that we live up to the industry standards and expectations.

With our ISO 14001 certification we are making sure that we are reducing our environmental footprint and that we continuously aim to improve our processes and reduce our impact in line with the global sustainability targets.

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