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Retrofit Installations


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How we Work

If you have an installation project, an upgrade or a repair you want done to your vessel, please contact us. Our commercial and project teams will get involved early in the process. We will quote your project based on engineering or a survey onboard. Once we agree on the scope and the commercial terms, our project manager is already informed and the project can start.
Our crewing department is securing the best technicians available and our purchasing department is making sure that equipment and materials are delivered on time. The project is lead from start to finish by our project managers.

We have a hands on approach to make sure we deliver to the highest quality.

Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems

TECO is a forerunner in the marine environmental solution industry and was among the very first to install Scrubber Systems, now adding up to more than 100 completed or ongoing installations. TECO has the experience to install any Scrubber System on any vessel.

TECO Solutions has worked with the majority of scrubber suppliers, including Alfa Laval, Wärtsilä, Ecospray, Yara Marine and several other key players.

Together with our sister companies, our broad expertise includes 3D scanning, engineering, installation and commissioing. By being a preferred supplier for installation of scrubber systems we have built up specialized expertise and can offer certified technicians for various relevant piping materials, such as GRE, GRVE and GF.

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Advanced Wastewater Purification Systems

The international focus on discharging wastewater in coastal waters is increasing. New standards for discharge and local regulations are driving the maritime industry to process all wastewater onboard.

TECO has a long experience with cooperating with both makers of AWP systems and ship owners for installations. TECO can get the job done both during docking and when in operation. ​


There are several cruise vessels world wide that have full installations of AWP systems by TECO onboard.

Ballast Water Treatment Systems

Ballast Water Treatment Systems are introduced to the maritime industry to secure a sustainable marine environment.

These systems are specialized to fit the size and operation of the vessel and there is not one cure for all. Combined with several approaches to the technology this results in a need for broad specialized expertise. TECO Solutions is here to fill this position.

TECO Solutions is proud to be a versatile installation company, that has extensive experience from completed and ongoing installations of several Ballast Water Treatment Systems.

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Scrubber Repair

TECO Solutions is experienced in executing repair work on scrubber systems. We have been involved in everything from re-conditioning and re-installing GRE piping to mechanical work and welding of scrubber towers. We are offering solutions not only to the scrubber failure, but to what caused the failure in the first place.


We are working directly with the scrubber makers for repair of scrubbers that are still under warranty and with shipowners where the scrubbers are out of warranty.

Fuel Saving Systems & Upgrades

An efficient and low emission system for the entire ship is achieved by combining optimised design with expertise on automation, machinery, propulsion and control systems.

By tailoring the machinery concept to match the operating profile, fuel economy can notably improved.

TECO Solutions' experience will enable you to reduce risk and minimise downtime during a retrofit installation.

TECO Solutions can also be of assistance for a wide variety of installations and services, such as: accommodation​, HI-FOG, SOLAS upgrades, pipe fitting, electrical work, HVAC and steel work.


ISO Certified Company

TECO Solutions has high standards for quality control, health and safety. Having ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certifications we can proudly say that we live up to the industry standards and expectations.

With our ISO 14001 certification we are making sure that we are reducing our environmental footprint and that we continuously aim to improve our processes and reduce our impact in line with the global sustainability targets.

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