Rope Access

Safe and Easy Access

TECO Solutions has an extensive experience performing rope access services for offshore oil and gas, as well as ship owners.

TECO Solutions provides Rope Access skilled and trained workers, who are able to use rope access as a solution in works like coating and painting, welding and fitting, electrical installations and inspections. 


Rope access methodology boasts an unrivalled safety record, short set-up and dismantling time, positive environmental benefits and removes the need for invasive access equipment or disruption to a worksite.

Our rope access services give our clients several advantages, such as:

  • Safe operations.

  • Fast set-up times.

  • Lower manpower requirements.

  • Work can be carried out while sailing.

Safe, secure and IRATA


By delivering high quality services and solutions, we always ensure our clients that they will receive the result wanted.


Safe operations combined with Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) means that TECO Solutions delivers quality services at high standards. Because at TECO Maritime Group, we live by "Quality without Compromise".


About TECO Solutions

TECO Solutions has more than 25 years of experience in supplying repair and maintenance services to the international maritime industry.

We are constantly growing, and constantly adding new service ranges as well as new industry segments. We now provide a vast array of services to the maritime, offshore and onshore industries, assisting many of the largest international operators.

TECO Solutions believes that know-how, personal service, good logistics combined with a dedicated and safety minded staff is vital to succeed in today’s market. Together we can increase flexibility & earnings; we can reduce off-hire, turn-around time, costs and environmental impact.

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