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Join TECO.

 - Quality without Compromise.


At TECO we are working for a greener maritime industry.

Our services consist of high quality products and experienced workers. 

Whatever your experience or expertise, you can play a key-role in building a sustainable future with TECO.

Shaping The Future

The maritime industry is changing. Regulations are becoming stricter. TECO wants to be at the forefront for the new technology being introduced to the market. New innovating technology is the future, and TECO is investing in the future. Our vision is to be part of the future. As being part of our team, you can truly put your fingerprints on the future.

Solving Daily Objectives

At TECO we face new challenges every day. By developing technology and products, we can deliver high quality- services and products all over the world.

As being part of TECO, you will work in an open and including environment where the main goal is to always do better. 

We are hiring workers!

Please press the link to submit your resume.
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